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Buying A Dissertation
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Buying A Dissertation


There are many reasons for buying a dissertation. For an individual with specialized interests, in search of very specific information, a previously written dissertation can supply the exact focused research results, theory or opinion that is desired. Buying a dissertation can also be helpful for doctoral candidates conducting preliminary research into what has already been written on a particular topic. After review of the work already done in a particular academic area, it is possible for a candidate to make an informed choice of topic. Buying a dissertation is easily done through companies on the Internet. Dissertations are sold by companies whose main clients are libraries, but many also sell to individuals.

Buying a dissertation does present a number of questions regarding the qualifications of the writer. What are the qualifications of the writer? If the writer is not well-versed in the topic, or if the material is not original or inspiring, such deficiencies will quickly become evident. Plagiarism is another concern that occurs when purchasing the work of another writer. What are the sources used by the writer, and how certain is it that the work has not been copied from another source, or sources? This is a concern that must be absolutely resolved before accepting that the work is truly original in all aspects.


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Buying a dissertation from another writer, which is written as a custom-designed project requires thorough consideration. The qualifications of the writer should be carefully checked, and while the dissertation composition is in process, access to the writer during the writing process is important, to make certain that the work is progressing in the direction required. Any dissertation must accurately reflect the work of the candidate over the entire doctoral program, and should be an exact reflection of the candidate’s ideas and ability. If the candidate uses English as a second language, accurate communication with the writer of the dissertation is crucial, in order for the candidate’s expert knowledge to be presented accurately. The assistance of a native speaker of English is often critical for an ESL candidate in order to complete a doctoral degree.

No matter what the end purpose may be, buying a dissertation will bring satisfying results when approached intelligently and with care.

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